Ulano specializes in the manufacture of stencil-making products and chemicals for screen process printing. We also supply masking films, inkjet media, frame adhesives, and stencil evaluation tools. We are the world’s largest completely integrated manufacturer of screen printing stencil systems. Our administrative and manufacturing headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York, where we also have research and development laboratories, applications laboratories, a technical training center, and two warehouses—one for raw materials and the second for finished goods. We have representative offices in Switzerland and Singapore.

Ulano’s principal attribute is a record of technological innovation that is unequalled in our industry. We invented the film stencil and masking film; the first reclaimable, 100% solvent and water resistant emulsions; fast-exposing diazo resins; bichromate and di-butyl phthalate free photographic products; we introduced capillary film to the world market; the first comprehensive, industry-specific line of screen chemicals; (in 2012) the first emulsion to contain anti-halation colorant; and (again in 2012) the first presensitized, pre-mixed version of standard, diazo-sensitized emulsion in a series of “Epic-Cure” emulsions utilizing our proprietary RD Sensitizing Technology. A few months ago, we introduced two new capillary films, CDF® Vision and CDF® Lexar.

Accomplishments notwithstanding, we must always look ahead. We will continue to promote our products in the trade press, and to enhance our Website. In operations, we will continue to seek ways to improve yields and reduce costs, thereby freeing funding for Research & Development and for Sales & Marketing initiatives.

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At Sepas we are committed to supporting and implementing new developments in Pad & Screen Printing. We consider that the adoption of a Total Quality Management System standards to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

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